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Top most in demand skills to learn in 2022

Today we are going to talk about 3 skills that you can learn in 2022 to take your career to the next level!

The first skill on the list is Internal communication skills!

20-years ago, you worked at a desk, you wrote letters and communications in general took more time - which meant you also had more time to finesse!

But today it’s all about Slack, email, Whatsapp - everything is instantaneous - this means your communication skills need to be on point at all times.

The best part about internal communication skills is, even though there are some formal courses for this, it can best be built through practice! It requires you to not only be the master of what you’re saying, but how you say it and your familiarity with different tech tools - messaging apps, video conferencing softwares like zoom, google meet etc. So if you want to ace your internal communication skills, make time to familiarise yourself with the tools, practice how to write your points crisply and to the point - you can even take micro-courses for this on platforms like Udemy and Coursera and learn how to craft good emails, good work plans etc.

The second skill on the list is external communication!

In simple terms, any conversation outside the organisation is external communication. To break it down further, basically almost anything on a public platform like social media channels and online workshops.

Why should you improve your external communication skills?

In today’s day and age, not just companies but building personal brands has also become important to improve your chances of getting the job of your dreams. Many of us don’t like this, but by taking small steps we can become comfortable building our own brand.

Some ways to do this is by sharing your professional journey on LinkedIn, interacting with other people’s posts proactively. Do make sure what you’re sharing is relevant to your professional goals and relatable to the audience.

Eventually, you should start signing up for online workshops, speak-up in them to get noticed, sign up on professional apps, websites and communities like, and make sure you don’t just watch but also be an active participant.

The third skill is - Data Analysis!

Before we proceed, remember you really don’t need to be a Maths Whiz for this!

Why should you learn Data Analysis?

20 years ago there was a specific way to go about data and assigned individuals who would do everything - data-wise.

But today, even though companies have teams to handle the data side of things, nonetheless, a lot of job roles require you to get a hang of how business runs and understand the underlying insights that data offers. This skill creates a synergy with your existing skills and job role, and can help you bring something extra to the table.

Data Analysis may sound scary, but believe it or not, you don’t have to get into the nitty gritties of things. All you have to do is, go back to the basics and take up a Google Certificate course or any other course of your choice that can teach you Microsoft Excel through and through.

Moving to the much awaited skill that can open multiple doors for you and is a job role in itself!

Digital Marketing

Why is this skill so important for 2022?

At this point in time, everybody wants to create a presence across the world, and it is possible at a low cost and from the comfort of your own home through Digital Marketing!

Companies both big and small are going digital. They have started selling their products and services online and the demand is massive. And believe it or not, it is only going to get bigger from hereon.

The question is - how can you learn Digital Marketing?

Well, there are plenty of online courses on professional learning platforms like Udemy and Coursera, with easy learning chapters. If you are someone who prefers to learn in person, you can also find an institute of your choice near you. If you do have the time - start with a simple social media internship and see where it gets you.

The most important skill is to be adept at adapting. Stay updated with current trends, keep a lookout for advancements in your field and don’t be afraid of change.

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