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Loan Documents: What all do you need?

“I need a loan but I am not sure what documents I need?”
“I got all my documents except my Aadhar, does that work?”
“Do I have to physically present my documents before applying for an online loan?”

Applying for a loan, especially when you need money urgently can be an intimidating and time-consuming process. The paperwork required in case of physical loans, can sometimes create extreme chaos; this can often lead to miscommunication with your lending organisation.

In our experience the best way to go about your loan application is to keep everything ready before applying.

At brick and mortar institutions, it’s not just a matter of standing in lines but you also have to produce your documents (usually physically) one window at a time. This tedious process can make your loan-procurement journey extremely tiring and time-consuming. That’s why, we suggest taking online loans from apps like Florence Capital, where everything is 1. Paperless 2. Presence-less 3. Consent-based. We make sure our instant personal loans become a stepping stone on your journey instead of something that pulls you down from all directions.

But before you apply for a loan at Florence Capital, here are the documents that’ll come in handy;

  1. Bank statement

  2. Aadhar Card as a proof of identity and address

  3. Driver License or Voter Id or Passport (in case you don’t have your Aadhar Card)

  4. PAN Card

Pro tip: Please scan all your documents and store them on a digital platform. This’ll enable you to use your documents whenever and wherever necessary and the chances of your documents getting lost will go down tremendously.

While a lot of financial institutions and banks ask for ‘n’ number of documents, proofs and whatnot, at Florence Capital we make sure our customer’s journey is comfortable and convenient.

So apply for an instant personal loan today from the comforts of your home by downloading the Florence Capital App at (android) or (iOS).

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