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Budget 2022- Government should focus on expectations of women entrepreneurs

The country is going through some really challenging times and the current restrictive environment has left the economy into distress again.

At the microlevel, women were the first to face the brunt of the economic slowdown.

Thus, the priority of the upcoming budget should obviously be to restore the economy and to restore the livelihoods of the people affected by the pandemic.

To flow steadfast on the street to recovery, it's critical that the budget 2022 addresses women's awesome monetary roles, recognises their contributions and constraints and takes this to position them on the centre of investment.

The budget 2022 needs to focus on both long term and short-term and direct and indirect measures to ensure the safety, well-being, education, and employment of women.

It would be great to see the upcoming budget focus on allocating more funding to women-led businesses and there should be tax benefits, incentives and freebies for women entrepreneurs.

It should be based on the premise that economic recovery is not possible without prioritising women's economic recovery and women's well-being.

We need to increase the proportion of women's allocation to the program in the total budget, and we hope that female entrepreneurs will have more opportunities to prosper and benefit equally from India's economic growth.

We also look forward to some relief and special measures taken by the government to help female-led start-ups grow economically.

The budget should be aimed at simplifying business operations and reducing the burden of compliance in order to encourage more women to enter the startup ecosystem.

Tax concessions remain the greatest expectation for working women across the country. One way is to offer women special additional Section 80C benefits.

Another option is to provide women with a higher standard deduction. This allows them to increase their purchasing power with lower taxes.

Overall to unleash their potential, we hope to see strong measures to support women's workforce participation, savings schemes and progressive employment and tax policies.


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