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Florence Community

At Florence, we have a dedicated Community and Impact team that designs and implements women-centric programmes that help women boost careers, start businesses, or simply be financially secure homemakers

We offer the following pro-bono services to clients, individuals and organisations


Personalised professional development programs designed to upskill our clients in a variety of ways  - such as social media marketing for small entrepreneurs, interview coaching for salaried employees and budgeting workshops.

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The Florence Fellowship is a week-long immersive workshop for women who are just starting their journey in finance and looking for expert guidance and safe spaces to learn. At the end of the week-long workshop, participants can choose a special project to implement over the next 6-months with support from Florence Capital.


Finance on Your Phone is a 2-hour interactive workshop that can be conducted in-person or online for women employees of participating organisations. Organisations can choose 2-3 skills from a bucket of offerings and a tailored workshop will be executed for their employees.

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Higher Educational Institutes

The Florence Internship is offered to 18-25 year old college students or recent graduates. The internship is designed to build content, communication and leadership skills. Interns are offered stipends, performance based incentives and career building support.

If you are interested in any of these services - please contact with enquiries.

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